How To Make a Mattress Firmer For Users


Our mood, performance, conversations with others all depend on the quality of sleep we get. The quality of sleep correspondingly relies on the type of mattress we use. Finding the best mattress doesn’t necessarily mean pouring a lot of money. It means finding the mattress with the best quality or the one that is going to provide you with a peaceful night after a hectic day. Also, it should be our prime focus to save money. Fitting something into our budget is undoubtedly a difficult task to perform because we cannot make a compromise on quality.

How can we make a mattress firmer?  

The firm mattress is the one that doesn’t make you sink; instead, push it back. They are different as compared to softer ones and help relieve back pain. They align the spine and pelvis, so the body stays in a proper position. A proper balance should be maintained between softness and firmness for a good sleep experience.

The mattress that always makes it to the top of the line must have more layers, cooling features and thicker than others. It should have different levels of support; it should feel softer near shoulders and firm near the lower back to provide extra support.

Firmness is the most crucial factor while choosing a mattress. The texture, its size, longevity, adjustability, and last but not least, its price all these factors matter. It should also have comfortable padding. High density and firm cushioning are equally vital because a mattress is required to be durable.

Identify the firmness level your body requires:

  • Petite sleepers require a soft or medium-soft mattress.
  • Average weight sleepers prefer medium-firm mattresses.
  • Plus-size sleepers need a firm mattress.

Ways to make a mattress firmer:

  • Change the box spring because they wear out with time.
  • Place a plywood board on the top of the box spring because it enhances support.
  • Mattresses absorb air, making them softer. Let it dry.
  • Mattresses sag after a particular period. Rotate it to avoid that.
  • You can also use a firm mattress topper.
  • If the mattress is heat-sensitive, it will absorb heat and become soft. Try resetting your thermostat to avoid this.


  • Alignment of the spine:

A firm mattress doesn’t let the body sink in and thus keeps the spine aligned by preserving the natural curves. It also helps in relieving back pain and reducing pressure on the lower or upper back.

  • Even distribution of weight:

These mattresses don’t let you sink in, and thus you float on the surface. In this way, your bodyweight gets an even distribution.

  • Extra support:

They also provide the support that helps to support the body and, as a consequence, doesn’t let the spine twist into some uncomfortable position that would lead to further aches and pains. They also prevent you from falling.


Before selecting a particular mattress, you must familiarize yourself with all its types. You also should have some knowledge about yourself, the kind of sleeper you are, any hidden ailments, the thickness your body requires, etc. Also, do check sleep-enhancing features particular mattresses provide.